Parties with a Purpose

By Ginna Martin

As a brand new PC, I poured over my walk list and the info it provided on my neighborhood. The excitement of seeing all those D’s gave me goosebumps.

Although I am just beginning my new job as a PC, I remind myself I am already a connected Democrat within my district.
I have hosted two candidate parties for Kathy Hoffman. The first house party was a “Meet the Candidate” event. I invited like-minded friends and neighbors. We shared our disdain for the current political climate and all agreed to turn those feelings into action. Kathy Hoffman picked up some donations, as well as volunteers.

The second house party was to support Save Our Schools Arizona (SOS). SOS advertised a meet-up at my home as a petition drop-off site with a notary available to shore up the process. We can now all celebrate that organization and its successful and impressive undertaking.

House parties are my favorite way to contribute. It is a casual atmosphere and well received. People like to be reminded they are not alone in their politics and more importantly, it provides a safe space for people who want to get involved somehow, but maybe don’t know how.

I am hosting another house event soon to introduce another local candidate, Chris Gifillan, LD 20 House Candidate.
My goal is to create a house party that multiplies into additional house parties, kind of like a pampered chef party. Anyone who hosts the next party brings in their friends, family, and neighbors. It’s a great way to spread the message.

Finally, I am also making calls for AZ Blue 2020. This has been an amazing experience. The calls to folks who signed up for more info at “We the People Summit ” are literally starving for more information and direction. The best part is, I can point them in that direction. As my mother use to say, “Many hands make light work.”

Let’s get together and get this done!

2 thoughts on “Parties with a Purpose

  1. Lori Cinnamond

    Way to go Gina! Inspiring blog. I am going to share it with other PCs as some folks have a hard time ‘visualizing’ a house party. How do you get the word out about the time and location of the house party (email people you know or other?). Thanks! Hope to see you again soon 🙂

  2. Virginia Martin

    Hi Lori
    For meet the candidate I invite friends and neighbors.
    Once I start canvassing I can bring in more neighbors to try and fan out the info.
    For S.O.S Kathy Hoffman asked to use my home. S.O.S leadership posted date and time, address was provided with RSVP.


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