Who We Are

Our work is always driven by our founding Mission and our Guiding Principles

Our Mission


Empower citizens to turn Arizona blue by 2020

Our Guiding Principles

  • We are an action-oriented group. Rather than complaining about the current political landscape, we will work purposefully and proactively over the long haul to change it.
  • We are not an issue focused group. There are many of those. We want to align and work with those groups to turn Arizona blue so their issues can be addressed at the state and national level.
  • We do not want to replicate, dilute and compete with other like-minded groups. We want to collaborate, facilitate and work toward achieving our common goals.
  • We believe in working both within the current structures of the Democratic Party and without to achieve our goal of turning Arizona blue. We approach the current party structure from an outsider’s perspective intent on infusing fresh ideas and new found energy.
  • We believe in cultivating change by engaging more Arizonans in the political process and state governance. We are not here for fundraising. We are here for people raising. We need more engaged citizens, not more money.
  • We believe in acting ethically in everything we say and do. We’re here to fight fairly for what’s best for Arizona. We will do it with integrity and grace; and we will win.