Legislative District Meetings

Participate directly with the Democratic Party and likeminded community members

What Are LD Meetings?

  • Monthly meeting held by each Legislative District


  • A place for community members to hear directly about the Democratic Parties action within their neighborhoods


  • Learn about current political happenings within your LD


  • Hear from guest speakers ranging from community members, folks running for office and people currently in office


  • A place for you to voice any concerns or praise for the Democratic Party

Why Attend?

  • Connect with likeminded members of your community and surrounding areas


  • Stay informed about the Democratic Parties action within your area


  • hear firsthand about candidates and current politicians


  • Show support for the Democratic Party


  • Learn about community events and how you can be involved

Find Your Meeting

  • Use this link to search what LD you are a part of



  • Attend your first meeting and connect with all the likeminded members of your community!