AZ Blue 2020 is 100% volunteer powered. Any and all contributions go directly to supporting Democratic PCs in your communities.



Retired? Working? Stay at home parent? There is something for everyone! We would love to have you as part of our grassroots efforts!



Veteran PC or new to the job, we've got resources for you. Explore our tool box of materials to be the best PC you can be!

The Power of a PC

Empower Others. Become Empowered.

Being a PC not only helps the members of your community to feel empowered, but also empowers you by connecting you with likeminded people who share your views.

Strengthen Your Community

Energy is contagious! Through your work as a PC you will help spread the values of the Democratic party and increase its presence throughout all of Arizona.

Give people a Voice

The current political climate has many people feeling overwhelmed and voiceless. As a PC, not only do you act as a voice for the Democratic party to connect with Arizonans, but you also help the members of your community share their views and concerns.


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