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November 6, 2018

Grassroots Democracy

AZ Blue 2020 is a grassroots Political Action Committee working to empower and engage Arizona citizens in the political process. We are an independent organization of energized volunteers who want to make a difference. Our goal is to elect Democrats at every level to create a Democratic governance in Arizona by 2020. This will ensure that our progressive views and platform are better represented by our elected officials.

Turning Arizona blue is a multifaceted task. Our role in this mission is to empower and prepare the grassroots members of the Democratic Party, the Precinct Committeepersons. PCs are the boots on the ground working as the eyes, ears and voices for everyday Democrats. They are the key to empowering Arizona citizens and getting them to the polls.

Arizona has an alarming deficit of Democratic PCs. AZ Blue 2020 is filling those slots through community outreach and education. But simply having PCs isn’t good enough. For them to succeed they must be adequately trained, supported and armed with the necessary resources. This approach is what sets us apart. We not only work to recruit PCs through outreach, but we also develop training materials, resources and support platforms to properly equip them for the job.




AZ Blue 2020 is 100% volunteer powered. Any and all contributions go directly to supporting Democratic PCs in your communities.



Retired? Working? Stay at home parent? There is something for everyone! We would love to have you as part of our grassroots efforts!



Veteran PC or new to the job, we've got resources for you. Explore our tool box of materials to be the best PC you can be!

The Power of a PC

Empower Others. Become Empowered.

Being a PC not only helps the members of your community to feel empowered, but also empowers you by connecting you with likeminded people who share your views.

Strengthen Your Community

Energy is contagious! Through your work as a PC you will help spread the values of the Democratic party and increase its presence throughout all of Arizona.

Give people a Voice

The current political climate has many people feeling overwhelmed and voiceless. As a PC, not only do you act as a voice for the Democratic party to connect with Arizonans, but you also help the members of your community share their views and concerns.


Check out our weekly blog to hear stories, best practices and the occasional rant from real PCs.