Become a Precinct Committeeperson

Empower your community members to participate in Arizona politics

What is a PC?

  • Neighborhood representative of the Democratic Party


  • Heart and soul, eyes and ears of the party at the grassroots level


  • Over 5,000 PC positions in Maricopa County with over 3,000 waiting to be filled

What Does a PC Do?

  • Build relationships and organize Democrats in their neighborhood


  • Register new voters that move into their neighborhood


  • Communicate the principles and platform of the Democratic Party


  • Listen to voter’s concerns and communicate those concerns to the Democratic Party leadership


  • Support Democratic candidates and officeholders representing their neighborhood

Why Be a PC?

  • You are granted access to the Democratic voter registration database


  • You will discover like-minded people in your community to connect with


  • Your vote can be amplified by inspiring Independents and other Democrats to vote


  • You can influence the evolution and future direction of the Democratic Party


  • You will have a positive way to channel your frustration under our Republican administration

How to Become a PC?

Step 1: Find your voting District and Precinct:


Step 2: Determine your LD meeting information and contact the Chair to confirm the information


Step 3: Complete the PC Application Form and take this to you LD meeting. If you have any concerns about the form they will be happy to assist you in filling it out at the meeting


Step 4: Attend your meeting, meet the LD Chair and finalize your PC role!


Step 5: Enjoy your newfound friends and start connecting with your like-minded community members!

Here is the complete PC Handbook to help you understand all the great things that come with becoming a Precinct Committeeperson

“Every revolution succeeds because of the foot soldiers and the Sergeants”

Luvaghn Brown