Become a Precinct Committeeperson

Empower your community members to participate in Arizona politics

What is a PC?

  • Neighborhood representative of the Democratic Party


  • Heart and soul, eyes and ears of the party at the grassroots level


  • The voice of Democrats who feel silenced

What Does a PC Do?

  • Build relationships and organize Democrats in their neighborhood


  • Register new voters that move into their neighborhood


  • Communicate the principles and platform of the Democratic Party


  • Listen to voter’s concerns and communicate those concerns to the Democratic Party leadership


  • Support Democratic candidates and officeholders representing their neighborhood

Why Be a PC?

  • You are granted access to the Democratic voter registration database


  • You will discover like-minded people in your community to connect with


  • Your vote can be amplified by inspiring Independents and other Democrats to vote


  • You can influence the evolution and future direction of the Democratic Party


  • You will have a positive way to channel your frustration under our Republican administration

How to Become a PC?

Step 1: Find your voting District and Precinct:

For Maricopa County residence, use the link below. Otherwise, you can find this information at the bottom of your Voter Registration Card.


Step 2: Use the interactive map below to contact your County or Legislative District Chair and to print out your County’s PC Application Form.



Step 3: Attend your monthly meeting, meet the Chair and finalize your PC role!


Step 4: Enjoy your newfound friends and start connecting with your like-minded community members!


Step 5: Perfect your skills by visiting our PC Toolbox

“Every revolution succeeds because of the foot soldiers and the Sergeants”

Luvaghn Brown